Environment and safety infrastructure for a sustainable future

Our Services

Consultancy Services:


  • Occupational Health and Safety consultancy services
  • Safety audits
  • Inventory of Hazardous Material (IHM)
  • Removal and disposal of Hazardous Wastes
  • Solid waste management services
  • Effluent Treatment Plant consultancy
  • Environment Compliance and Clearance services
  • Leather Working Group (LWG) Consultancy
  • ISO (International Standard Organisation) consultancy
  • HongKong Convention (HKC) Compliance

Industrial technology:

 We supply and install on turnkey basis:

  • Oil water separator (OWS) system
  • Air pollution Control (APC) System
  • Solid waste incinerator system
  • Effluent treatment plant (ETP)
  • Wastewater Treatment plant (WTP)
  • Sludge treatment Plant (STP)

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

ETP is vital for each industry to comply environmental law for liquid wastes. We plan ETP layout, supply and install ETP on turnkey basis.

Solid Waste Incinerator (SWI)

Solid waste incinerator is used for solid and hazardous waste disposal. We supply and install SWI on turnkey basis.

Air polluiton Controll


Gasius emission of industry is required to be treated by an APC prior to discharging to atmosphere. We supply and install APC on turnkey basis 

ISO Consultancy

ISO audits ensure organisation maintaining international standard for occupational helath and safety, good management practice, food safety, environmental management, information security, medical device quality etc. We provide audit certification and training to organisation to enable them comply with international standard which makes their organisation a resilient management infrastructure.

HKC SOC Consultancy

Hongkong connvention complience is required to followed by the ship recycling industries to ensure they are operating the business in safe and environfriendly way. We are providing HKC consultancy to ship recycling industries of Chittagong.

LWG Consultancy

Leather processing industries are required to ensure that they are operating their business in safe for their workers and environfriendly way. We are providing LWG consultancy to leather industries of Bangladesh..

Compliance Consultancy 

RMG sector need to convince their buyers that they are complying with international standard while manufacturing guarments. We are providing complience consultancy and certification to RMG sector of Bangladesh.